Laureates 2022

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

“For their invention of a flexible endoscopic robotic system for minimally invasive neurosurgery which has addressed and tackled the surgical difficulties of reaching the deep brain lesions through single linear trajectory and the surgical manipulation in small space under the minimally invasive paradigm.”

Life and Health

“For his invention of a radiation-free three-dimensional ultrasound scoliosis assessment system, enabling scoliosis assessment to be performed more safely, at lower cost and higher frequency.”

New Materials and New Energy

“For his innovative work on the biomimetic eye with 3D integrated nanowires on curved substrates for robotics and visual prosthetic devices.”

Advanced Manufacturing

“For his seminal contributions to bridging nature-inspired manufacturing innovations with fundamental understanding of surface and interfacial science, and the development of new surfaces, materials, energy harvesting and thermal systems with high efficiency, productivity, durability, reliability, and environmental sustainability.”


“For his significant innovation achievements through a proprietary Al/LP software to automate and streamline the complex reporting and due diligence workflow in capital markets, leveraging on impactful transformation of technological achievements to make significant contribution to the Regtech space.”