Eligible Field -

New Materials and New Energy

To meet the challenges of global energy demand and the need for new advanced materials for applications in the fields of energy, health and environment, this subcommittee will embrace nominations within the broad area of New Materials and New Energy, which includes but is not limited to the discovery of new organic/ organometallic molecular materials, inorganic/ solid-state materials, polymers/ macromolecules, nanomaterials, two-dimensional materials, quantum materials, colloids, hybrid/ composite materials, soft/ supramolecular materials, bio-/ bioinspired materials etc. with novel functional properties. Original innovative contributions that demonstrate novel ideas/ concepts/ conceptual advances on forefront, fundamental and impactful translational research at the interface of physics, chemistry, biology/ medicine, engineering, and materials science to achieve new functional materials and new sources of energy are welcome. These can include but are not limited to new synthetic strategies and designs, synthesis/ preparation methods, new phenomena/ mechanisms/ properties, new theories and methods, new energy conversion and storage mechanisms, and new devices to achieve efficient and clean utilization of energy.

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