Nomination Guide

Nomination Guide

I. Period

The nomination is open from 15th July 2022 to 30th September 2022 (Hong Kong time).

II. Requirements for Nominator

(1) Anyone can nominate a candidate online during  nomination period. Scientists, and entrepreneurs and senior managers from scientific and technological institutions are particularly welcome.
(2) Self-nominations are not allowed.

III. Requirements for Nominee

(1) The nominee should support the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and hold high social morality and professional ethics.
(2) The nominee’s technological innovation or scientific research work for the award has been primarily completed in Hong Kong.

(3) This award tends to reward scientific and technological innovators who are under the age of 50 before the deadline of nomination, in order to encourage young people to devote themselves to scientific and technological innovation.
(4) Those who have already won this prize will not be considered within 5 years.

IV. Nomination Notes

(1) Nomination should be submitted before 23:59 on 30th September 2022 via
(2) A valid nomination needs basic biographical information about both nominee and nominator, and two third-party letters of recommendation.
(3) Nomination materials and recommendation letters shall be uploaded by the nominator. The recommendation letters are valid in two years.
(4) Lack of information or material may result in disqualification.

V. Materials

(1) Basic Information;
(2) CV (including but not limited to representative publications, authorized invention patents and academic honours);
(3) Nomination Reasons (especially the social, economic and national value created by the nominee and his/her scientific and technological innovation achievements).

Secretariat of

15th July 2022